Obie Legacies

Oberlin’s newest crop of legacy students—34 in all—were welcomed to campus in August during a special Student Orientation luncheon at the Lewis Center for Environmental Studies. The students and their alumni parents—39 in all—then posed for a group photo.

Class of 2008 Legacies include:

Jun Ball (James Ball ’74), Michael (Jordan) Beard (Byron Beard ’86), Benjamin Bor (Jonathan Bor ’75), Jesse Bradford (James Bradford ’84 and Anna Newcomb Bradford ’84), Thomas Buck (Christopher Buck ’63), David Carlson (James Carlson ’69), Alexander Chun (Edna Chu Chun ’68), Meredith Clark (Debora Dunn Clark ’76 and Leighton Clark ’77), Abigail Corfman (Stanley Corfman ’75), Madeline Fauss (Kimberly Potter Fauss ’76), Noah Forman (Benson Forman ’75), Elizabeth Gelda (Steven Gelda ’74), Daniel Getler (Richard Getler ’73), Ezra Goldman (Eric Goldman ’74), Jacob Grossman (Jill Grossman Herman ’77), Louis Grube (Constance Cave Grube ’80), Marya Johnston-McIntosh (Toby McIntosh ’71), Colin Jones (Luther Jones ’74, deceased), Timothy Kovanda (John Kovanda ’75), Zachary Lewis (Richard Lewis ’73 and Joan Sapinsley ’73), Matthew Leyden (Margaret Berry Leyden ’67), Eric Michaels (Beverly McCoy Michaels ’74), Elizabeth Morrison (James Morrison ’79 and Ruth-Ann Kuschke Morrison ’78), Katherine Ogren (John Ogren ’75 and Anne Geddes Ogren ’76), Anthony Osei (Anthony Osei ’78), Anne Owens (Douglas Owens ’79), Alexander Paik (Soo Bong Paik ’77), Alan Pyke (Gregory Pyke ’68), James Shrader (Aija Jirgensons Shrader ’77), Deborah Sperling (Rabbi Judith Lewis ’75), Ryan Squire (Larry Squire ’63), Philip VanZile (Philip VanZile ’68), Christa Wagner (Leanne Cupp Wagner ’76), Mark Wessels (Michael Wessels ’74).

Student Activity

“Which student organizations are popular these days?” is a question commonly asked by alumni. The answer is tricky, because not all groups maintain formal membership rosters. Here, however, is the list of organizations receiving the most annual funding from the Student Finance Committee:

1. 91.5 FM WOBC: Provides 24/7 broadcasting to the College and greater Lorain County community. Special programming includes a radio-drama, live bands, and a web broadcast. ($29,935)

2. Student Union Programming Committee: Schedules all events at the Cat in the Cream, the Dionysus Disco, and on occasion, Finney and Fairchild chapels. ($24,849)

3. Oberlin Film Series: Presents films of all genres and eras, often in the Science Center’s large lecture rooms. ($23,371)

4. The Oberlin Review: Printed continuously for 130 years, the Review offers traditional campus news coverage. ($21,655)

5. Concert Board: This student-run group books more experimental, lesser-known acts than SUPC. ($20,511)

6. Forum Board: Schedules campus lectures, symposia, and guest professors of all topics and disciplines. ($20,000)

7. The Grape: Oberlin’s alternative newspaper, published bi-weekly. ($13,580)

8. In Solidarity: A publication that strives to ensure the coverage of events and issues of people of color. ($11,641)

9. Ice Hockey Club: OC Plague plays on rinks in nearby Elyria and Lakewood, while maintaining lockers in the College ice rink, which closed in 2001. ($9,168)

10. Outing Club: Rents outdoor gear and offers regular trips to nearby national, state, and local parks. ($8,402)

Compiled by Joellen Craft ’05

Tim Gibbon ’04 and his father, John Gibbon ’67, stand near a mural on East Lorain Street painted by Tim and his friends to recognize Oberlin’s participation in the Underground Railroad. “I worked with the Philadelphia arts program last winter term, which sparked my interest in murals,” says Tim, who is now job hunting in Washington, DC. “It feels good knowing there’s a little piece of me in Oberlin.”