It’s Déjà Vu for New Obie Parents

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More than 40 Oberlin alumni took on a new title in August: that of Oberlin parent. The children of this group—32 in all—joined their parents for a move-in day luncheon, where Alumni Association Director Laura Gobbi revealed the best part of being a legacy: “Your parents know what it means to be an Obie.”

Parents of the new students represent class years ranging from 1967 though 1984, with the majority hailing from the 1970s. “It was just this side of creepy,” laughed Cynthia Hale Albrecht ’80, whose son James had just moved into Barrows Hall, where she once lived. “I knew exactly what his room would look like.”

New alumni parents and legacy students include: Anthony Albrecht ’79 and Cynthia Hale Albrecht ’80 (James Albrecht); Ofosu Amponsah ’77 and Kim Hilaael Amponsah ’79 (Oheneba Amponsah); Thomas Balmer ’74 (Rebecca Balmer); Florence Goldberg Bush Klein ’81 and Richard Bush ’80 (Michelle Bush); William Craig ’71 (Megan Craig-Kuhn); Wendy Breuer ’72 (Nina Crane); Debra J. DeLuca ’77 (Samantha DeLuca); Mary Fischer ’71 and David Dickinson ’71 (Jessa Dickinson); Michael Dirda ’70 and Marian Peck Dirda ’72 (Michael Dirda); Carla White Freyvogel ’79 and William Eginton ’79 (Grace Eginton); Marcia Hoskins Fardella ’74 (Grace Fardella); Martin Gent ’71 and Janneane Ferguson Gent ’71 (Robin Gent); Eric Goldman ’74 (Noah Goldman); Peter Gordon ’80 (Lydia Gordon); Philip Heidelberger ’74 and Ellen Friedman Heidelberger ’73 (Nathan Heidelberger); Barbara Boardman Hoffman ’67 (Luke Hoffman); Andrea Loukin ’77 (Madeline Kaye); Lindsey Thomas ’76 (Katherine Lauth); Ivory Moss ’71 (Kevin Moss); Louie O’Quin ’80 (Cassandra O’Quin); Andrew Stern ’76 and Judy Pellarin ’77 (Erin Pellarin); Melissa Howe-Raberg ’75 (Erika Raberg); Ronald Rapoport ’69 (Emily Rapoport); Matthew Rinaldi ’69 (Amy Rinaldi); Tonyia Samuel Robinson ’82 (Marcus Robinson); Mark Schlawin ’69 (Everett Schlawin); Margaret Hayman ’69 (Seth Schneer); Ann Silversmith ’78 (Kevin Schreve); Dennis Taljan ’84 (Kyle Taljan); Martin Warner ’78 (Theodore Warner); Kathy Scott Weaver ’74 (Johanna Weaver); and Cathy Redd ’75 (Elizabeth Woodbury).

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Regional Roundup

Minneapolis–The Alumni Association’s Executive Board held its annual summer meeting in the Twin Cities this year, where board members had the chance to socialize at a reception for local alumni and new students. Board members visited the Walker Art Center, where they posed for a photo at Claes Oldburg’s “Spoonbridge and Cherry” Fountain.





Philadelphia–The Oberlin Club of Philadelphia hosted its third annual summer picnic and new student send-off at the home of Leanne Wagner ’76 and daughter Christa Wagner ’08. More than 75 Obies enjoyed a wonderful summer afternoon of volleyball, good conversation, and hamburgers and hot dogs—prepared on the grill by Regional Coordinator Charlie McCurdy ’78.



Vermont–Obies in Vermont gathered for their first summer picnic in several years at the home of Priscilla Thomson Jackson ’43 and her extended Oberlin family. From left: nephew Martin Thomson ’83, daughter Lillian Jackson, Priscilla, son Nathan ’70, daughter Jennifer Jackson Runquist ’66, and husband Alfonse.

Western Mass.–Obies gathered under the “Big Tree” at the regional club’s annual outing at Tanglewood, where Dean of the Conservatory David Stull ’89 gave an Oberlin update. Enid Blount Press ’93 reestablished contact with her Oberlin roommate Eva Young, also class of 1993, who was known then as I-Hua Young. Neither had seen each other since graduation, but both were delighted to reconnect at Tanglewood.



San Francisco–A largely Oberlin team took part in the 2005 San Francisco AIDS 10K walk in Golden Gate Park on July 18, raising more than $1,600 for local foundations and organizations. Pictured here are Serjio Acevedo ’97, Eleanore Fernandez, Alison Gooding ’94, Daniel Bridgeman ’94, Kristina Enderle, Emily Enderle ’03, Edmond Long ’79, Colby McVey, and Caroline Koch. Not pictured: Lyn Parker ’67, Beth O’Brien ’99, Lindsey Dillon ’03, Elissa Papendick ’04, and Nora Sheedy.


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