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Ballet Music for the Dance Accompanist
By Adam Cole '91
Nincici Press, 2000
Here are 36 original compositions written expressly for ballet class, with every exercise, from the barre to running across the floor on pointe, included. Cole spent five years as accompanist for the Atlanta Ballet and created this resource to make the process of class go more smoothly. John McFall, director of the Atlanta Ballet, regards the work as a worthy contribution to the understanding of the collaboration of music and dance, and a valuable tool to the field.
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New York's 100 Best Party Places
By Hilarie M. Sheets '86
City and Company, 2000
Looking for the perfect place to throw that next party? Sheets has made the job a bit easier. A comprehensive yet concise guide to the finest places the Big Apple has to offer, her book offers unique ideas for weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions. It also includes handy indexes containing information on price ranges, seating capacity, setting, and neighborhoods. Sheets is contributing editor at ARTNews magazine.
Motives for Murder
By Pat Gebhard '48
Creative Arts Book Company, 2000
Taking place in 1970s Berkeley, this novel has an abundance of gurus, mind-altering drugs, mental and emotional exploration, and, surprisingly enough, murder. It follows the life of Lucy, the young protagonist who falls in love with her professor, Martin, and begins an exciting new life with him. However, when Lucy is framed for his murder by one of Martin's enemies, she must struggle to prove her innocence by uncovering the true murderer. Gebhard is a retired librarian living in Southern California.
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Reflections: Living and Traveling in the 20th Century
By John J. McKelvey, Jr. '39
Worden Press, 2000
Part autobiography, part journal, and part travel guide, this memoir takes the reader on an intimate journey through McKelvey's life from New York to Oberlin and on his travels through Latin America, Europe, and Africa. The recollection of his experiences are filled with a sense of nostalgia, reflection, and insight that only time can provide. By turns poignant and humorous, Reflections reminds the reader of the daily wonders of life, family, and travel.
Politics as Usual:
The Cyberspace "Revolution"
By Michael Margolis '61 and
David Resnick
Sage Publications, Inc., 2000
Cyberspace has unquestionably transformed communication around the world. Some have argued that this technology will significantly alter the face of the American political system. However, Margolis and Resnick argue that this is not the case--a new online politics that revitalizes citizenship and democracy has not occurred. Instead, virtual reality has grown to resemble the real world. The political, economic, and social forces that dominate politics, business, and social life have assumed similarly important roles in cyberspace. Margolis is professor of political science at the University of Cincinnati. He has written numerous books and articles in professional and popular journals.
Awake, My Soul!
By Nancy Roth '58
Church Publishing, Inc., 1999
This is a collection of devotional meditations inspired by well-known hymns of the Christian Church. Following the church year from Advent to Pentecost, Roth engages with the hymns and their composers, delving into their history and meaning, and adding personal anecdotes along the way in order to make hymns an accessible and viable way to study and pray. Roth is an Episcopal priest, educator, and spiritual director.


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