Something for Everyone

I wish to compliment you on the subject issue of the Winter alumni magazine. It was one of, if not the best, issue that I can recall. The balance of articles was excellent. There were as many with which I agreed as there were which I did not--but it all made enjoyable reading. It would certainly make for a dull world if we all had the same opinions. I was particularly impressed with the September 11th section, as well as with Tom Klutznick's column on page 2 and his "Bright New Age of Learning." The feature piece on Nancy Dye's presidency was a welcome treat. Would it not be beneficial and informative to alumni to have similar features on various deans, department heads, and members of the administration?
Bruce W. Fox '45
Tyler, Texas

My warm thanks for your instructive Winter issue ("Global Warnings," "Power Struggles," "Liberties Lost")--a fine way of showing the cumulative influence of our alumni on critical issues of the moment. It gives a balanced menu of possible attitudes toward our government's response to the precarious state of the world. Not just assumptions that our "national interests" must be synonymous with military and economic dominance. But also awareness that more modest and genuine respect for cultures that have developed in marked contrast to our own could be more productive for our long-term interests.
Theodore Van Vliet '39
Schopfheim, Germany

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