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Celebrating Adoption

Connie Springer '70 isn't your stereotypical activist. But then again, stereotypes are just what she's fighting. Springer is an advocate for non-conventional, adoptive families. Her main tool of activism? Photography.

Springer began taking pictures during her Oberlin years and today photographs adoptive families of all sorts, including multicultural families, families with same-sex parents, and single-parent families.

"I hope to help viewers develop an appreciation for differences," she told The Cincinnati Enquirer this year. "Children, as well as adults, need to see that there are many possible combinations for forming a family."

Her latest project is a 2002 daily planner called "Our Families: A Celebration of Adoption," which features quotes and photos of adoptive families and a list of adoption resources. Photos of Springer's own adopted family--husband Steve Kosztala and children Renny, Jackson, and Zoe (left)--appear as well. Although she runs her own consulting firm that organizes photo collections for other companies, Springer always finds time for her campaign. "This is my brand of activism, to create an artistic product that fosters an air of tolerance," she told the Inquirer. She plans to publish a second "Our Families" planner next year.
--Peter Meredith '02


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