Oberlin Alumni Magazine: Summer 2001 Vol.97 No.1
Feature Stories
When Worlds Meet
Visions of Oberlin
Safety Man
[cover story] Caught in the Act
Round Robin Takes Flight
Message from the President
Around Tappan Square

"This photo represents three things that are central to my vision of Oberlin: beauty, friendship, and learning."
David Sinden
"I always have a small camera with me to capture the many interesting scenes that come up so frequently at Oberlin. The couple kissing are my friends Nate and Susie. To me, this picture represents a familiar moment to many Oberlin students: a kiss goodbye before running off to class. Nate and Susie are a wonderful example of an Oberlin couple; both are dedicated, talented, wonderful people, and I'm happy that they've found each other here."
Madeleine Asher
"Somedays, when it's especially sunny and the rugby practices seem never-ending and the papers are looming, we remember that all we want to do is go backpacking--but a quick nap will do."
Sara Cole

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