Responsible Giving Options

I was pleased to learn that Oberlin alumni and friends now have the option of having their endowment gifts invested in socially responsible funds. This was initially announced in the September 2001 issue of The News of the Century, a publication of the Office of Development. There are two investing alternatives: the Vanguard Calvert Social Index Fund Institutional Shares and the Calvert Social Investment Equity Fund. These funds invest in companies that are carefully screened according to a variety of criteria, such as having good labor practices, producing environmentally sound products and services, and fostering positive community relations. Also, these funds avoid investing in companies that are significantly involved in producing weapons, tobacco, alcohol, or involved in gambling enterprises. This is good news. The Board of Trustees’ decision to provide this investment option clearly reflects not only a rapidly growing interest among individual and institutional investors, but also Oberlin College’s long tradition of commitment to social concerns.

Lawrence Siddall ’52
Amherst, Massachusetts

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