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Conservatory Magazine Expands Circulation

This winter, Oberlin Conservatory magazine will be mailed for the first time to all Oberlin graduates. In light of this, we felt it important to clarify the differences between it and Oberlin Alumni Magazine.

OAM, which is mailed quarterly to all graduates and parents of current students, has a two-fold mission: to foster connections within the alumni body and with the College of Arts and Sciences and Conservatory, and, to offer informative, educational, and engaging articles that reflect issues affecting our society.

Oberlin Conservatory serves these purposes and additionally seeks to inform the broader music community of the progress and successes taking place within the Conservatory. Oberlin Conservatory highlights new facilities and programs being developed at the Conservatory, as well as recent accolades and achievements of Conservatory faculty, students, and alumni.

Oberlin Conservatory is distributed to academicians, teachers, performers, prospective students, and media outlets throughout the music world. In this manner, the Conservatory supports its reputation among professionals as one of the nation’s leading music schools. Recognizing that more in-depth coverage of Conservatory news might be of interest to all Oberlin alumni, Conservatory Dean Robert K. Dodson and Vice President for College Relations Al Moran have decided to expand the magazine’s circulation.

So to all Oberlin alumni—keep your eyes open this winter for the latest issue of Oberlin Conservatory.


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