A Remarkable Victory

As my 91st birthday approaches, and the football season is in swing, it occurs to me that I may be the last person alive who watched Oberlin last defeat Ohio State in 1921. In those days football had not reached the level of popularity that it now enjoys, and spectators were few, partly because the game required more understanding than it does now. My father, Richard T.F. Harding '03, a former Oberlin lineman, took me to the game, and, because he was a letterman, we both sat on a special bench at field level. He had hopes that I would play for Oberlin, hopes that were disappointed. The day was marked by light snow flurries, and I had been well-bundled up by my mother, including a very thick scarlet knitted helmet that I disliked intensely. That game was the last time that Ohio State was beaten by another Ohio football team. Motion pictures were made of the game and proudly shown in movie houses all over the state, especially in the then-new Allen Theater in Cleveland, to large and enthusiastic audiences of alumni.

Talbot Harding '33
Darien, Georgia


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