Yeomen Forever

I wish every success to Coach Frank Dobbs (Fall 2002) and would love to hear great things about Yeomen basketball. Just as Mr. Dobbs anticipates the day when Philips gymnasium resounds in noise, I remember my Pat Penn-era years at Oberlin when the gymnasium rocked with enthusiastic fans cheering on Jerry "Butterfly" Saunders, smooth Merlin Friend, consistent and steady Jimmy Lyons, Everett "Bebe" Glenn, Thaddeus McCoy, Avon Tripps, the "Incomparable" Jimmy Jones, "Jump-out-the-gym" Larry Stackhouse, Greg Harshaw, "Lollipop," and many others. In those early years, after Pat Penn left Columbus, Philips rocked and the Rat was the place to be after a game. If Coach Dobbs can bring that back to Oberlin, then some of us might be inspired to attend some playoff games. I did find one sentence in the story about the 1975-76 trip to the NCAA regional semifinals, but it did nothing to revive my memories of the bus trips, the cheering, and the rockin' and rollin' in the bleachers as we wupped up on and lost to our rivals.

Steve Tolliver '77
Wyncote, Pennsylvania


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