Inside the Outside

outside oberlinHow much of Lorain County did you explore when you were at Oberlin? For many of us, the compass rose of our time at Oberlin reads something like this: Langston Hall in the North, the Arb down South, Bliss House out in the Eastern marshes, and to the West, well... Mudd. Now, however, thanks to the efforts of Ankur Desai '97 and Emily Jasen '98, there is help for Obies who want some guidance before they go exploring.

Outside Oberlin: Exploring Lorain County and Vicinity is an 80-page travel guidebook to Oberlin, Lorain County, and Cleveland, featuring an indexed 400-item directory of restaurants, stores, arts, recreation sites, and community events. Also included are discussions of the natural and social history of the area, some description of local neighborhoods, an overview of Oberlin itself, information about area transit and driving options, and a bibliography of other travel resources.

"We really want students to de-velop a sense of 'place' in their time at Oberlin, by becoming involved in the community and supporting local business" says Ankur. "That was the overall goal of the book." Published by Oberlin College with primary funding provided by the Student Union, Outside Oberlin has been available free of charge to students, staff, and visitors since last Spring.

Ankur and Emily researched, wrote, and designed the book themselves, but Ankur says it was "really
a collaborative project between students, staff, faculty, and town residents."

A computer science and environmental studies major, Ankur is currently an intern at the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington, D.C. He plans to attend graduate school next year to study environmental and urban geography. Emily, who is graduating this May, is a biochemistry major.

An on-line version of the book, complete with maps and printable directions, has been created by the Office of College Relations web team. Find out what's going on Outside at, or pick up a copy at Wilder's Information Desk.