Thanks From the Franks

Along with all the surviving members of the Frank/Goldsmith families, I would like to join the many of our wartime generation in thanking you and Jim Sunshine '49 for your story "'Tis Not the Dying. . ." [Fall-Winter 1996 OAM].

Howie Frank and I grew up together as first cousins. We lived one house apart in Scarsdale, and my brother John and I always considered Howie more of a brother than anything else. We were all a part of the neighborhood gang and went to school together; Howie and I graduated from Bronxville High together. Then we went off to war together--Howie to the Navy, John and I to the Army.

We, along with Howie's sister, Anne Frank Oser, of Hillsborough, California, were deeply touched by Jim Sunshine's piece because it caught Howie the way we remember him. It also brought back memories of Howie's friends at Oberlin, his roommates at The Morgue, his football days, and above all else his love of Oberlin.

We were especially touched by the letter from Ted Doege '50, one of the first recipients of the scholarship which the Frank and Goldsmith families established in Howie's memory. Thank you, Ted, for your letter.

Frank M. Goldsmith
White Plains, New York