The Class of 1973...
25 Years Later

They talked of the Kent State shootings--that momentous event that shaped the early collegiate experience of many in this Class of 1973. They talked also of the Kenneth Starr hearings; a contemporary issue inspiring a renewed defense of Constitutional rights and a concern for the future.

Class President Ken Kay kicked off Sunday's reunion dinner by relating the now-legendary story of a pick-up softball game between students and faculty during a Commencement weekend 25 years ago. "At some point, a certain young graduate named Lee Fisher got up and smacked a home run through the window of Peters Hall," he recalled. "What would Ken Starr make of it if that story came forward today?"

"It was a foul ball, not a home run. In fact, it wasn't even me," quipped Fisher, former Ohio attorney general and the Ohio Democratic candidate for governor this year. "I only tell you this because most of you can't vote for me."

Ohio residents or not, most 1973 graduates could relate to Fisher's remembrance their freshman year of the 1970 shooting deaths of four students at Kent State University. "It changed my life forever," he said. "I formed the Oberlin Political Caucus. For me, the personal is political. It's ironic that 25 years later, I'm running for the same office that had a lot to do with that event."

1973 classmates commemorated the 28th anniversary of the Kent State shootings as they had in 1970, by singing the Mozart Requiem. Other memories were just as political--and as personal.

"The first national televised draft lottery was held my freshman year," said Bruce Robbins. "I remember very well that night waiting for my lottery number to be called. I was lucky--my number was 283."

Classmate Carol Spitzer, of Pittsburgh, is a Conservatory flute major who worked for nine years as a freelance musician in New York before changing careers. "I was too busy practicing to be involved much in the '70s," she said. "But lately I find I want to get back into music and get involved with children. I think the spirit of the '70s still resides in all of us.