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A Chicago First

Alums Volunteer for a Marathon Day of Community Service

Forty-five Chicago alums got together last spring for a unique and innovative regional alumni event--a day of community service. Upholding a commitment to community action is "really the Oberlin way to go," says Chicago alumni chapter co-coordinator Barb Distler '84.

She and her co-coordinator, Leah Robinson '82, accommodated volunteers' varying interests and physical capabilities by offering several sites for them to choose from, including an AIDS-patient residence, a homeless shelter, a food depository, and an environmental organization.

The volunteers responded to the opportunity--dubbed the Serve-a-thon--with rousing enthusiasm. So successful was the effort that Barb and Leah were named Regional Coordinators of the Year during September's Alumni Council Weekend (see "The Oberlin They Remember,"), and they have decided to make the Serve-a-thon an annual event.

(left to right) Lisa Rosenthal '93, Florence Tang '95, Katie Green '93, David Loren '87, Leah Robinson '82, Tom McClurg '82. Second Row: Ted Brandt's son and his friend, Bruce McNeil's daughter, Ben Johnson '93, Willi Horner Johnson '95, Debbie Heirich Maddox '89, Barb Distler '84. Third Row: Susan Walker '75, Bonnie DeSimone '79, Dodie Morris '90, Bruce McNeil's daughter, Stacey Rutledge '89, Neil Stern '81, Jesse Wing '87, Misty Bauman '81, Sarah Leupin '93, and her partner, Dave Shriberg. Back l.c.r. Row: Susan VanDermilen '74, Arthur Myer '94, Ted Brandt '84, Kevin Liu '94, Evan Forman '96, Noah Berlatsky '93, Bruce McNeil '78, John Henderson '91, Ron Siebins '49, Ian Meyer '90.

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