War Stories

Thanks to Jim Sunshine '49 for his beautifully written article, "'Tis Not the Dying . . ." in the fall-winter 1996 issue of the Oberlin Alumni Magazine. Even half a century later, the stories of those young men still hurt. I never knew any of the 75, but he made them very real.

--Joanne Wilder Davis '48
Wayland, Massachusetts

Many thanks to you and Jim Sunshine for the story "'Tis Not the Dying . . .' It was especially gratifying to read about Lt. Howard Frank '42, who had been business manager of the Oberlin Review and who died fighting a fire aboard the U.S.S. Intrepid. I benefited from the scholarship that Lt. Frank's family established to honor him. I would not have attended Oberlin College had I not received that full-tuition award.

We who entered Oberlin College in 1946 were fortunate to have quite a few classmates who had survived their armed forces' service. Somehow they helped us be more serious about the educational opportunities we had, and sometimes they offered useful advice and gave us the benefit of their wisdom and broadened perspectives.

After WWII, Oberlin students continued to meet their responsibilities as U.S. citizens. I was drafted into the U.S. Army after graduating in 1950 and lived through two years as a soldier, clerk, parachutist, and airman, an experience that contributed much to my later endeavors as a physician, professor, and medical scientist.

--Ted Doege '50
Hinsdale, Illinois