Marianne Liberatore has devised a plan for a musical peace corps, beginning with the Sarajevo Orchestra, but not necessarily limited to only this project.

Her first appeal for help reads this way: "The orchestra must continue to be an important unifying symbol of the city and of its culture and civility, but it now needs help in the form of a 'musical peace corps.' Wanted are the following:

  • A young, but experienced, conductor to join the orchestra for a year to lead and train the musicians with a regular schedule of rigorous rehearsals.

  • A string quartet of highly skilled players to join the orchestra for a year as first chair players in their respective sections, to show string leadership, and to give regular lessons to players within each section.

  • A skilled oboist to sign up for a year as a performer, and to give lessons in oboe, English horn, and bassoon."

    If funding can be found, she is certain the musicians can be found. Several prospective musicians have already contacted her. One gentleman said, "I would be interested in the musical experience more than the moneyčthe reaching out and sharing with the orchestra I would look upon as doing some good in my life." Marianne welcomes all applications, ideas, and proposals. If anyone can help, call or write her at the South Shore Summer Music Festival, P.O. Box 403, Westport, CT 06881. Phone: (203) 227-7153. Fax: (203) 454-3682. --MC

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