Woman with a Mission

Marianne LiberatoreMarianne van Hoorn Liberatore'48 has demonstrated her remarkable abilities for organization and leadership throughout her professional career, as a buyer for R. H Macy's, as head of her own executive search firm, as director of special projects for Save The Children Federation, and as a guest lecturer in marketing and merchandising. A resident of Westport, Conn., Marianne is also an accomplished sailor. She is president and program director of Connecticut's South Shore Music Festival, a nonprofit organization which, since the 1930s, has been a pioneer in showcasing the talents of young musicians at the start of their careers. Concerts are recorded and played over the regional National Public Radio affiliate, and are often rebroadcast on nationwide NPR. Marianne's successful efforts to restore the Sarajevan orchestra have led to several recent interviews on national CNN-TV, and National Public Radio, extolling her remarkable accomplishments. -MC

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