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By Sara Marcus '99

To sample the output of the Oberlin rock renaissance, start with these albums:

French Kicks
One Time Bells
StarTime International
Obies: Nick Stumpf '97 and Matt Stinchcomb '97
On this album, the Kicks temper the sleazy, Stones-meets-Clash sound of their earlier EPs with an almost baroque sense of intricate arrangements. It's the exquisite details—like tiny doos in three-part harmony, a sly rhythm on a cowbell, or slight variations that keep a riff fresh as it repeats—that make the band's art-rock swagger stand out from the pack.
Band page (MP3s available): http://www.frenchkicks.com

Tiger Style
For years, Karla Schickele '88 brought her earthy bass playing and precise voice to the indie band Ida. In k., her solo project, her songwriting and piano playing take center stage in songs that go from quietly tumultuous to disarmingly homey.
Band page: http://www.southern.com/southern/band/KK000/TGS34.html

Northern State
Dying in Stereo
Northern State
Obies: Correne Spero '98 and Julie Potash
Above the old-school beats and samples, three Long Island-bred ladies free-associate giddily about Johnny Cash, Dorothy Parker, and dental floss. The gleeful vibe is infectious, and their feminism is more than just talk; this hip-hop trio makes many of their own beats and samples.
Band page (audio clips available): http://www.northernstate.net

Each One Teach One
Secretly Canadian
Obies: Fat Bobby '95
This double CD redefines psychedelia by layering repetitive guitars and organ chords with a heavy, never-ending beat, creating mood music for the sped-up 21st century.
Band page: http://www.enemyhogs.com

The Seconds
Obies: Jeannie Kwon '00, Brian Chase '00, and Zach Lehrhoff '00
Hearkening back to post-punk pioneers like Gang of 4 and new wave giants like the B-52s, the Seconds serve up jerky, edgy, three-minute songs shot through with guitar riffs that sear, bass lines that growl, and vocals that yelp.
Band page (MP3s available): http://www.killrockstars.com/bands/factsheets/theseconds/

Songs: Ohia
Magnolia Electric Co.
Secretly Canadian
Obies: Jason Molina '97
Jason Molina assembles a different band for every album, and his sound morphs accordingly. On this album, his newest and finest, country-flavored songs are swirled with ghostly, ancient-sounding vocals. Certain to become a classic.
Band page: http://www.secretlycanadian.com/secretlycanadian/songsohia/

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Touch and Go
Obies: Karen O and Brian Chase '00
The YYYs hit it big without ever releasing a full-length record. Their self-titled EP ranges from the exuberantly dirty "Bang" to the triumphant anthem "Our Time." Karen O belts out five songs over a single rock guitar, and Brian Chase tackles powerfully complex drumming. Their debut album, Fever to Tell, was released in late April.
Band page (MP3s available): http://www.yeahyeahyeahs.com

Because of Your Melodic Nature (the moonlight never misses an appointment)
Obies: Jackie Linge '97, Jeremy Broomfield '97, and Jumee Park '99
This Obie band has been together for six months, playing with other artists such as Mary Timony, The Mendoza Line, Mayday, Cordero, and Hula.
Band page (MP3s available): http://www.stationsoundstudios.com/scobee