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A farming life
Add me to the list of Oberlin graduates participating in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Phillies Bridge Farm is one of four in our area of the Hudson Valley. Besides growing vegetables, berries, flowers, and organizing farm events, there is a summer day camp and a Farm to Families program offering nutrition workshops and free food to families in need. Combine Oberlin's values and experience in its co-ops with the need to safeguard open space and eat wholesome food, and CSAs are a natural.
Doris Goldberg Chorny '60
Gardiner, N.Y.

I was disappointed that "Fields of Dreams" excluded the outstanding contributions of Ann Bostelmann-Taylor, Class of 1976. Ann is executive director of New Pond Farm Foundation in Connecticut, which runs a summer farm camp for inner-city children, an organic dairy farm with heirloom chickens and cows, an observatory, educational programs in schools, and a wildlife rehab facility. Ann is also a wildlife rehabber. I have had the opportunity to meet a one-winged owl in her kitchen, squirrels that she was hand feeding, a baby owl on the foot of the bed, and a variety of snakes in her care. The tree house on the farm is a child's dream come true.
Diane Millikan '76
Elmhurst, Ill.

Cancer research
I was sorry to hear of the death of Rachel Beverly from cancer, but please, don't let Oberlin join the establishment and raise money for "cancer research" that now consists entirely of injecting toxic drugs into (mostly female) cancer patients. Anyone who has studied natural healing methods for as long as I have knows that deleting dairy, meat, and processed foods–as well as managing stress and not being overweight–will allow the body to get back to doing its job, which is to rid itself of toxins and diseased cells. Supplementing a vegan diet with certain natural herbs will help the immune system restore itself after an initial diagnosis of cancer. But prevention is still the best medicine. Perhaps students in the new Brown Bag Co-op could be encouraged to buy, prepare, and eat more vegetables. By the way, I am a seven-year ovarian cancer survivor using the above methods. For additional information, visit and
Sally Schaefer Miller '61
Flemington, N.J.

For the record
I was delighted to come upon mention of Illuminating the Renaissance (Bookshelf), the exhibition catalogue that I coedited. The description failed to mention my coeditor Scot McKendrick, head of medieval and earlier manuscripts at the British Library in London. Also, one of the book's contributors was Maryan Ainsworth '71, MA '73, a curator of European paintings at the Metropolitan Museum.
Thomas Kren '72
Curator of Manuscripts, The J. Paul Getty Museum

Clarification: The book Language and Gender (Winter Bookshelf) failed to mention that coauthor Sally McConnell- Ginet, a professor of linguistics at Cornell, is a 1963 Oberlin grad.

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