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Around Tappan Sqaure
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One More Thing
Staff Box

1. Crazy Quilt by Maureen Cummins; Rosendale, New York; Women's Studio Workshop; 1998

2. Five Luminous Towers by Carol Barton, Philadelphia, Popular Kinetics Press, 2001

3. Paper Doll by Molly McFadden ’04; Oberlin, Ohio; M. McFadden; 2003

4. Get Me the President by Johnny Carrera ’91; Waltham, Mass.; Quercus Press; 1999

5. The Holocaust series, XIV, In the maker’s image byCarol Rosen; Califon, N.J.; C. Rosen; 2001

6. Tobacco Project: Red Book by Xu Bing; Brooklyn, N.Y.; Brooklyn Artists Alliance; 1999

7. Claire Nereim: age twenty one, two thousand two by Claire Nereim ’03; Oberlin, Ohio; C. Nereim; 2002