A Century of Asian Art at Oberlin:  Ceramics

July 22, 2017- June 6, 2018

South Ambulatory

A new installation highlights the international character of Asian ceramics in the AMAM collection. Works on view include blue-and-white porcelains from China, Japan, Persia, Vietnam, Thailand, and England; a unique book, on loan from Oberlin’s Clarence Ward Art Library, of 18th century paintings of Chinese imperial porcelain sent to the French court, which is paired with Chinese imperial porcelains; and the miniature marvels of ornate, 19th century Japanese Satsuma ware.

This was organized by Kevin R.E. Greenwood, the Joan L. Danforth Curator of Asian Art.


Image:  Bowl with Interior Design of Butterflies, by Yabu Meizan (Japanese, 1853–1934). Gift of Charles F. Olney, 1904.330