AMAM at the Cleveland Museum of Art

During the spring semester of 2010, Dr. Andria Derstine, the AMAM's Curator of Collections and Curator of European & American Art, and Dr. Jon Seydl, the Cleveland Museum of Art's (CMA) Paul J. and Edith Ingalls Vignos, Jr., Curator of European Painting and Sculpture, 1500-1800, collaborated to teach a course for Oberlin College students.  

The course, Arts 424, Exhibition Practicum:  Installation and Interpretation of 17th-19th c. Art from the AMAM at the CMA, was designed to help students learn about the history and display of European art, as well as interpretive strategies and technologies, and was built around the AMAM's loan of 20 works of art to the CMA during the AMAM's building renovation project (for more on the exhibition, AMAM Paintings, Sculptures and Miniatures at the Cleveland Museum of Art, click here).  

The twelve students in the course learned not only about the AMAM's artworks as recontextualized in the CMA's galleries, but also had the opportunity to meet with CMA staff in the fields of interpretation, editing, design, art movement, registration, packing, mountmaking and conservation.  They wrote labels and texts for the works, and produced accompanying podcasts, with the assistance of AMAM Curator of Education Jason Trimmer, which we invite you to listen to: 

Pompeo Batoni
(Italian, 1708 - 1787)
Portrait of John Wodehouse, 1764
Oil on canvas
Mrs. F. F. Prentiss Fund, 1970.60

Narrated by Rachel Luczkowski (OC 2012)

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Francesco Bertos
(Italian, 1678 – 1741)
Fall of Icarus,
early 18th century
Mrs. F. F. Prentiss Fund, Friends of Art Endowment Fund and Special Acquisitions Fund, 1971.52

Narrated by Samantha Conroy
(OC 2011)

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Louis-Leopold Boilly
(French, 1761-1845)
Portrait of a Man,
ca. 1814-1815
Oil on canvas
General Acquisitions Fund, 1967.5

Narrated by Claire Stepherson (OC 2011)

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François Boucher
(French, 1703-70)
Allegory of the Education of
Louis XV
, 1756
Oil on canvas
Purchased on the R.T. Miller, Jr. Fund, Museum Friends of Art Fund, and Ripin Art Purchase Fund, 2007.24

Narrated by Laura Sico
(OC 2010)

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Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin
(French, 1699 - 1779)
Still Life with a Rib of Beef, 1739
Oil on canvas
R. T. Miller, Jr. Fund, 1945.32

Narrated by Cody Wiewandt
(OC 2011)

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Frédéric Dubois
(French, active 1780 – 1819)
Portrait of a Lady Writing
a Letter
, c. 1797
Tempera or gouache on ivory
R. T. Miller Jr. Fund, 1961.72

Narrated by Amanda Tobin
(OC 2011)

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Meindert Hobbema
(Dutch, 1638 - 1709)
A Pond in the Forest, 1668
Oil on panel (oak)
Bequest of Mrs. F. F. Prentiss, 1944.52

Narrated by Alexandra Vargo
(OC 2011)

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William Hogarth
(English, 1697 - 1764)
Portrait of Theodore Jacobsen, 1742
Oil on canvas
R.T. Miller, Jr. Fund, 1942.127

Narrated by Georgia Horn
(OC 2012)

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Louis Lagrenée
(French, 1724 – 1805)
Midday and Sunset, 1772
Oil on canvas
Mrs. F. F. Prentiss Fund, 1974.10

Narrated by Shira Gluck
(OC 2010)

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Sir Thomas Lawrence
(English, 1769-1830)
Portrait of Eleanor, Lady Wigram
Oil on canvas
R. T. Miller, Jr. Fund and
Mrs. F. F. Prentiss Fund in memory of Chloe Hamilton Young, 1986.17

Narrated by Martha Moldovan
(OC 2011)

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Jean-Baptiste Oudry
(French, 1686 – 1755)
A Young Rabbit and Partridge Hung by the Feet, 1751
Oil on canvas
Mrs. F. F. Prentiss Fund and Special Acquisitions Fund, 1982.47

Narrated by Mirella Brussani
(OC 2011)

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Adriaen Pietersz van de Venne (Dutch, 1589 - 1662)
Allegory of Poverty, ca. 1630s
Oil on panel
Mrs. F. F. Prentiss Fund, 1960.94

Narrated by Alix Bishop
(OC 2010)

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