Family Self-Guides

Looking for a fun way to explore the AMAM’s collection? We’ve created our Self-Guides for use in the galleries, so visitors (of all
ages!) can discover the wide variety of works on display. Full-color printed Self-Guides can be found in the Education
Hallway at the back of the museum or in the museum galleries. They are always available for free, or you can download them here and bring them in with you!

Gallery Self-Guides 2014 on Latin American Art
We've created five new gallery guides to go along with the exhibition Latin American and Latino Art at the Allen. These guides explore the themes of geography, the influence of indigenous art, artwork of US artists of Latin descent, Fertility and Decay, and a special guide just for kids. You can pick up the guides in the museum galleries, grab them individually below, or download a PDF version with all the guides included by clicking here.

Latin American Art for Kids - pg. 1, pg. 2 Influence of Indigenous Art Today - pg. 1, pg. 2
Geography of Latin America - pg. 1, pg. 2 Fertility / Decay - pg. 1, pg. 2
U.S. Artists of Latin American Descent - pg. 1  


Family Self-Guides 2013
Six interactive family self-guides were created in connection with Realism exhibitions on view during the 2013-14 academic year. Topics included Landscapes, Cities and Towns, Tools, Patterns, and Textiles. The guides will suggest different ways to talk, look, imagine, draw, and think about these different concepts, and all guides include mini-scavenger hunts!

Download a PDF file with all the new Self-Guides here!

Patterns - pg. 1, pg. 2 Cities and Towns - pg. 1, pg. 2
Textiles - pg. 1, pg. 2 Landscapes - pg. 1, pg. 2
Tools #1 - pg. 1, pg. 2 Tools #2 - pg. 1, pg. 2

Family Self-Guides 2011-2013
Topics include: Food, Music, Health and Wellness, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), Dragons, Mustaches, and Saints.

Family Self-Guide: Dragons Family Self-Guide: Food
Family Self-Guide: Health Family Self-Guide: Saints
Family Self-Guide: Music Family Self-Guide: Mustaches
Family Self-Guide: STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math)