Handle with Care: Embracing Fragility

Education Hallway, January 4–July 15, 2018

The term “fragility” describes the state of being delicate, sensitive, or vulnerable. Who has historically been designated as such, and who has been denied this quality? This exhibition explores how materials can take on gendered and racialized connotations based on their physical fragility. Incorporating works by Marsha Burns, Toni Catany, Chuck Close, Raquelín Mendieta, and Liliana Porter, Handle with Care highlights artists who are examining and reconsidering established relationships between identity and materiality.

Organized by Olivia Fountain (OC ’17), curatorial assistant in the museum’s Office of Academic Programs.

Image: Natura Morta, 1983, Toni Catany (Spanish, b. 1942), type-C print.
Gift of Paul F. Walter (OC 1957), 2008.36.44