Printing Practice: Religious Prints from the Renaissance

September 6 - December 23, 2012
Ripin Gallery

European printmakers in the 15th to 17th centuries often worked with well-known subject matter—drawn from biblical texts, apocryphal stories, and the contemporary world—that would have been instantly recognizable to their peers. Whether used to create devotional images, narrative illustrations, or portraits, these familiar subjects often served as a starting point from which the artists could implement stylistic and technical innovations. Showcasing masterworks from the museum’s collection by artists such as Martin Schongauer, Albrecht Dürer, Hendrick Goltzius, and Andrea Mantegna, this exhibition highlights those stories and figures that were frequently revisited and reinvented by Renaissance printmakers.

This exhibition was curated by Sara Green (OC '12), AMAM Curatorial Assistant.

Albrecht Dürer (German, 1471 - 1528)
Adam and Eve, 1504
Gift of the Max Kade Foundation, 1967.33