Sunday Object Talks

Sunday Object Talks

Talks begin at 2 p.m.; meet in the King Sculpture Court

Designed for the casual visitor, these student-led sessions focus on a work of art on view in the galleries. There will be a 15-minute interactive session with an opportunity to ask questions. Talks will be offered:


Talks are offered:

2/11: Maya Shanmugam (OC 20) on the Moche Portrait Jar and the Jalisco Seated Figure
2/18: Gwen Cappel-McCoy (OC 21) on Malagatana Valente Ngwenya's O Bebe Poeta
2/25: Ava Prince (OC 18) on August Rodin's The Prodigal Son
3/4: Maya Blumenberg-Taylor (OC 19) on Hendrick ter Brugghen, St. Sebastian Tended by Irene
3/11: Madi Goetzke (OC 21) on Claude Monet, Garden of the Princess, Louvre
4/8: Anna Farber (OC 21) on Pierre-Nolasque Bergeret, Honors Rendered to Raphael on His Deathbed
4/15: Luoying Sheng (OC 20) on Henri Matisse, Young Girl Seated
4/22: Zimeng Xiang (OC 18) on China, Buddhist Stele
4/29: Nell Klimpert (OC 18) on Joseph Wright of Derby, Dovedale by Moonlight
5/6: Jennifer Lin (OC 20) on Indian, Tegha Sword

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