The Archaic Character of Seal Script

This small exhibition focuses on the historical and artistic dimensions of seal script, the oldest
form of Chinese writing. Calligraphers in China often choose seal script to convey a sense of antiquity when writing out selections from ancient texts or rendering the formal titles of documents. Works on view include a seal script rendering of a chapter from the classic Daoist
text Daodejing, a 19th century imperial edict, and contemporary prints by Japanese artist Maki Haku, whose work emphasizes the pictorial aspect of seal script characters.

This exhibition was curated by Kevin R.E. Greenwood, the Joan L. Danforth Curator of Asian Art.

Maki Haku 巻白
(Japanese, 1924–2000)
Dance 69–1, 1969
Woodblock print and cement block print
Art Rental Collection Fund, RC 2016.6