Arts of Asia in Reach
About the "Arts of Asia in Reach" Program

In August 2002, the Allen Memorial Art Museum received a $150,834 grant through the Asian Art/Educational Outreach Funding Initiative of The Freeman Foundation. This grant has enabled the museum to develop Asian art educational programming for public school children and teachers in grades K-12. The AMAM's Arts of Asia In Reach effort is comprised of three components: a Learning Asian Art Syllabus for grades K-12; Asian Art In-Reach to the Oberlin public schools, which has brought Asian arts directly to local classrooms; and community days and workshops that involve local children, youth, and their families in the study and creation of Asian art outside the classroom during the summer and over the school year. To date, the programs have served over 1,500 children, teachers, and family members, helping increase knowledge of and appreciation for Asian cultures through art.

Since spring 2003, AMAM education staff have worked with Oberlin public school teachers to create lessons that align with State of Ohio teaching standards, incorporate topics of study in appropriate grade levels/curricula, and draw on the AMAM's excellent collection of Asian artwork. We believe that these rich, arts-based curricula will be of benefit to teachers and students not only in Oberlin but also throughout Ohio and the United States, and we welcome feedback.

The Allen Memorial Art Museum and Oberlin College are very grateful to The Freeman Foundation for its generous support, without which this initiative would not have been possible. Sincere thanks go to Education Assistant Loren Fawcett for her creativity and careful planning of the lessons and to the teachers, administration, and students of the Oberlin City Schools for their partnership in this project.

Stephanie Wiles
John G.W. Cowles Director