Arts of Asia in Reach
Gyotaku Lesson Plan
4. Assessment & Closure


Have students complete a self-assessment or engage in a group discussion regarding the process of Gyotaku. Use elements of art and principles of design to describe their work.


Have students present their haiku and fish prints to the class!
Read Basho's haiku to class.

Across the Curriculum

Language Arts
Have students write haiku to be written neatly on fish print. Turn haiku into Tantra by adding the last two lines: each 7 syllables long.

Study the anatomy of the fish in their prints! Have students label parts of the fish.

Have students clap the beats of their haiku. Turn haiku into songs!

Visual Arts
Reread Kogi's Mysterious Journey by Elizabeth Partridge, Illustrated by Aki Sogabe and create new illustrations for the story.

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