Arts of Asia in Reach
Hachimaki/Shibori Lesson Plan
4. Assessment & Closure


Evaluate students' work based on the following criteria:
  • Did the student follow directions?
  • Did the student work well and respectfully with others?
  • Did the student require little to no assistance?
  • Did the student use materials properly?
  • Did the student clean his/her work area completely?
  • Did the student require little to no discipline?


Have students model their hachimaki!

Across the Curriculum

Social Studies
Have students research the history of the hachimaki. Find out what its original purpose or use was and how its functionality changed over the years.

Have students study how the process of indigo dyeing works. How does oxidation play a factor in this art form?

Have students create geometric patterns using different folding techniques.

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