Arts of Asia in Reach
Lacquerware Boxes Lesson Plan
4. Assessment & Closure


Student projects can be evaluated according to the following criteria:
  • Did he/she follow directions?
  • Did he/she need constant assistance or did student work independently?
  • Neatness
  • Clean-up of materials and work space
  • Does the student's design incorporate symbolism seen in Japanese lacquerware?


Students will visit explore the art of Japanese lacquerware via the Internet. Students can view the lacquerware document box at, or arrange a visit to the Allen Memorial Art Museum.

Across the Curriculum

Research other cultures that use lacquer. Find out what lacquer is used for and how long they have been incorporating it into their lifestyles.

Have students research the lac tree and its properties. Compare the qualities of lacquer to that of other materials such as plastic, metal alloys, etc.

Students can research different instruments that once used lacquer as a protective coating. Have students find out how lacquer may or may not change the quality of the sound produced versus modern day materials that are used.

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