Arts of Asia in Reach
Chinese New Year: Lai-See Envelopes Lesson Plan
4. Assessment & Closure


Students will be evaluated based upon their ability to listen and follow directions. Neatly cut and colored coins and properly assembled envelopes will be assessed.


Students will be encouraged to compare traditions such as gift giving of Chinese New Year to other holiday traditions and or celebrations of their own culture.

Across the Curriculum

Have students explore the tradition and origin of giving lai-see envelopes to children. Was money always given?

Practice counting coins. Learn to count to ten in Chinese.

Make rubbings of actual coins. Study color and texture.

Have students study the climate of China and compare it to what their own weather is like during the Chinese New Year festivities.

Read picture books to the students such as the first three listed under resources (section X) below.

Have students research Chinese New Year via search engines on-line.

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