Arts of Asia in Reach
Chinese New Year: Lai-See Envelopes Lesson Plan
3. Strategies & Procedures

Engage (Motivation)

Students will be introduced to the Chinese New Year through viewing a Power Point presentation and listening to the teacher's discussion of the holiday's background.


Students will be encouraged to ask questions during and after the presentation. Students may visit their school or local libraries and further research Chinese New Year and or the culture of China.


1. For lai-see envelopes:
Students will create their own lai-see envelopes out of red construction paper. First students will cut out template and then trace onto red paper. Next, red paper will be cut out and students will then fold along edges (following directions on template). Students will secure the envelope using tape and glue stick, and use markers to decorate the outside of the envelopes.


2. For paper money:
Students will color in coins on handout using either crayons or colored pencils. Students will then carefully use scissors to cut out each coin, practicing cutting along the lines. Center may be punched out with a hole-puncher if desired. Coins are placed inside the envelopes to mimic lai-see envelopes.

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