Arts of Asia in Reach
Chinese New Year: Paper Lanterns Lesson Plan
4. Assessment & Closure


Students will be grade upon construction of their lanterns. Criteria may include:
  • Did students follow directions correctly?
  • Did students create a design on their lantern related to the Chinese New Year?
  • Did students require little to no assistance with construction?
  • Did students use materials properly?
  • Did students clean up work space completely?
  • Did students work well with classmates?


Students will recap what they have learned from the Power Point presentation. A group discussion or questions and answers written on the board will reinforce knowledge. Students can compare and contrast Chinese New Year traditions with their own.

Across the Curriculum

Have students explore more of the traditions of Chinese New Year and its origin. Compare the traditions of the western celebration of New Year's with the traditions of Chinese New Year. Explore the functions of paper lanterns.

Practice counting coins. Learn to count to ten in Chinese. Measure the sizes of the paper needed to construct the lanterns and the cuts needed to make the lantern expand.

Make rubbings of actual coins. Study color and texture.

Have students study the climate of China and compare it to local weather during the Chinese New Year festivities.

Read picture books aloud to the students or have them read along.

Have students write short stories or poems about what they have learned. Have students write postcards to pen pals from China.

Have students research Chinese New Year via search engines on-line.

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