Arts of Asia in Reach
Japanese Family Crest Lesson Plan
4. Assessment & Closure


Evaluate students' work based on the following criteria:
  • Did the student follow directions?
  • Did the student work well and respectfully with others?
  • Did the student require little to no assistance?
  • Did the student use materials properly?
  • Did the student clean his/her work area completely?
  • Did the student require little to no discipline?


Have students wear the finished Tshirts and present them to the class. Students should explain the symbolism behind their crest design, who it represents, and how they created their finished crest. Have students do a self-critique.

Across the Curriculum

Social Studies
Have students compare Japanese crest history to European crests. Can they find any other cultures that used crests at one time?

Have students practice using a compass instead of tracing a circle.

Language Arts
Have students write a short personal essay explaining their crest and its symbolism.

Have students do a web search on Japanese crest history. Have students create their crests in design programs such as Freehand or Adobe Illustrator.

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