Arts of Asia in Reach
Peking Opera Mask Lesson Plan
4. Assessment & Closure


Evaluate students' work based on the following criteria:
  • Did the student follow directions?
  • Did the student create a complete design of their mask during their museum visit?
  • Did the student work well and respectfully with others?
  • Did the student require little to no assistance?
  • Did the student transfer his/her design using dry erase markers neatly onto his/her mask?
  • Did the student use materials properly?
  • Did the student use correct colors as symbolism?
  • Did the student paint his/her design onto a mask neatly?
  • Did the student clean his/her work area completely?
  • Did the student require little to no discipline?


Have student wear their masks and pantomime their emotions. Have other students guess what emotions their masks and pantomiming express.

Listen to examples of peking opera on CD. Have students discuss the differences between Chinese Peking opera and Puccini's Turandot.

Across the Curriculum

Social Studies
Have students create research the history of the Peking Opera. Explore the geography of China and learn about the culture of Beijing.

Have students create kamishibai to explain scientific processes such as the formation of clouds, food chain, changing of seasons, germination of seeds, etc.

Sequencing cards

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