Arts of Asia in Reach
Uchiwa Lesson Plan
4. Assessment & Closure


Teacher's evaluation can be based on one or more of the following categories:
  • Participation in group discussion
  • Following of directions throughout the studio activity
  • Behavior
  • Neatness of project
  • Effort

Students should practice evaluating their own work, which will also help them to develop their intrinsic motivation!
  • Have students write a brief critique of their projects
  • Have students generate a task checklist to hand in with their projects
  • Have students participate in a class critique.


Ending a studio project with a group discussion and evaluation of the experience is good way to monitor who has understood the subject and which students are still struggling. It also is a great opportunity to determine the success of the overall lesson and serves as an excellent method of evaluation. Some students often make the final learning connection only when they hear the opinions of their classmates and peers.

Across the Curriculum

Have students create a folding fan as well! Have students practice taking measurements with each fold. Students can learn to use an abacus and count to ten in Japanese.

Visual Arts
Decorate the uchiwa using the Japanese art form Chigiri-e.

Have students research the origin of the uchiwa and the materials used to construct the fans.

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