Arts of Asia in Reach
Javanese Wayang Kulit Lesson Plan
4. Assessment & Closure


Students can be evaluated based upon the following criteria:
  • Did the student follow directions completely?
  • Did the student handle art materials properly?
  • Did the student create pattern on their shadow puppet?
  • Does the student's puppet move properly?
  • Did the student follow guidelines to create visual symbolism of the puppet's character?
    (Color of face = character of puppet; features show either alus or kasar, etc.)
  • Did student color entire puppet neatly and colorfully?
  • Did student demonstrate an understanding of the Wayang Kulit tradition?


Students will perform their own puppet shows as the Javanese peoples traditionally play. Students will be responsible for approximately 30 seconds to one minute of creative play in front of the overhead projector.*

*Use a sheet of fabric draped behind an overhead projector (with light turned on) to recreate the Javanese stage.

Across the Curriculum

History and Social Studies
Students can explore other traditions of the Javanese or Indonesian culture.

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