Aux Barricades! French Protest Posters from May '68

August 26 - December 23, 2008
West and South Ambulatory Galleries

Art incited riots when in May 1968 student and worker uprisings calling for social and economic reform led to pitched street battles and caused a general strike that paralyzed France. Innovative posters with snappy slogans and stark layouts created by the demonstrators were put up around Paris and the provinces. The AMAM is pleased to be able to exhibit twenty-four works, loaned by the Naples Museum of Art (Naples, Florida), in conjunction with the 40th anniversary commemorative events being planned by Oberlin College's department of French and Italian.

This exhibition was organized by Andria Derstine, AMAM Curator of Western Art, and Libby Murphy, Assistant Professor of French

Atelier Populaire de l’École des beaux-arts de Paris
Bonne action civique, 1968
Courtesy of the Naples Museum of Art, Naples, Florida