Tips for Visiting the AMAM with Children

When You Arrive at the Museum:

The best way to begin your museum visit with children is to hang up your coats and put away any umbrellas or large bags you have. The AMAM has coat hooks by the east entrance and umbrella stands by the front entrance.

Know the Museum Manners:

The AMAM has rules like all art museums. Know the Museum Manners and go over them with children before you visit.

  • Look, don't touch! Even the cleanest hands have oils that can damage art.
  • You may use a pencil when drawing or writing but pens are not allowed in the galleries. Be prepared with pencils for your children.
  • Walk, don't run, in the museum.
  • Use indoor voices.
  • Food, drinks and gum are not allowed in the galleries and we do not have a cafeteria or lunchroom. Plan to have snacks outside or before your visit.

Relax and Enjoy:

Try letting your children guide you through the museum and show you what they want to see. Don't feel that you have to see everything in one visit. Come often!

Ask Questions:

Ask questions and share what you are looking at together. You do not need to be an art historian or expert to have a conversation about the art. Relate what you see to something your kids are learning at school, something they have at home or things you have seen other places.

Stand Back:

It is easier to see the art if you stand a few steps back from the artwork, and it is easier for the security officers and museum staff to know you are not touching.

Try Your Own Gallery Game:

  • Be an art critic and choose a work of art in each gallery, explaining why you like it or not.
  • Take turns telling stories about what is happening, and what might happen next.
  • Hunt for simple shapes in the works of art, or animals, or colors.
  • Think up titles for works of art.
  • Sketch your own favorite works of art with a pencil.
  • Make up your own game.