Staff Directory

For all staff members call 440.775.8665 or use e-mail addresses below.


Assistant Registrar Selina Bartlett
Head Preparator Kendall Christian
John G. W. Cowles Director
(on sabbatical until
March 11, 2019)
Andria Derstine
Acting John G. W. Cowles Director Katherine Solender
Eric & Jane Nord Family
Curator of Education
Jill Greenwood
Joan L. Danforth Curator
of Asian Art
Kevin R. E. Greenwood

Ellen Johnson '33
Assistant Curator of
and Contemporary Art

Andrea Gyorody
Publications, Membership
and Media Manager
Megan Harding
Curatorial Assistant,
Office of Academic Programs
Emma Laube
Curator of Academic Programs Liliana Milkova
Administrative Assistant Sally Moffitt
Curatorial Assistant,
Education Department
Ava Prince
Assistant Preparator Michael Reynolds
Registrar Lucille Stiger
Curator of European and
American Art
Museum Security

Christine Super, Supervisor
Keith Roswell
Kyle Tuma
Doug Weaver