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1918 Reunion and the Hudson Scholarship
The Oberlin Alumni Magazine, July 1923

“18’s Back” was the doubly significant and extremely accurate orange and black message which rode around the village of Oberlin attached to the rear of all of the “Eighteen’s” Fords and Packards. From the Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Gulf coasts they assembled, until 1918 had 78 members to answer roll call. With them came, of course, wives or husbands, or rumors of such, and adorable babies. Some of the youngsters did not choose to appear in person, but at least they sent their pictures so there was quite a family gathering.

Orange silk handkerchiefs with black picot edge, worn in leather wrist straps by the girls and in upper vest pockets by the men, formed the rather attractive insignia which server to separate the sheep from the goats on all but special occasions, when any possible doubt was removed by the addition of orange and black crêpe paper hats.

Tuesday was the great day. In the afternoon the class, with varying emotions, saw themselves as they used to be, and after the 500 feet of precious film was back in its box they agreed that even Earl Parks could still be recognized. Tuesday evening came the special banquet served on the porch at Grey Gables, and that night 1918 ventured forth again into the world of competition with its float, courageous men forming the van and rear guard and generous women the central idea. The demonstration won great applause but not the banner so that the real excitement of the evening was furnished by the 1918 ladies who fell backwards off the top row of the bleachers and were put together again by the rather new 1918 doctors.

The presentation of the Henry Burt Hudson Memorial Scholarship Fund, with its formal acceptance by President King in the name of Oberlin College at the alumni banquet Wednesday noon, was the crowning event which concluded the fifth reunion.

In memory of “Red” Hudson, athlete, scholar, and well loved classmate, who was burned to death in the flames of his falling aeroplane in France in 1918, the class gave to Oberlin College $2500. From this fund a scholarship, now amounting to $125 and to be increased to $250 during the next five years, will be awarded each year to the Junior man who is recommended by the College Committee on Scholarships and is elected by vote of the Men’s Senate. It was a glorious reunion, and the class wants to thank not only those of its members who were particularly responsible in helping to make it so, but also its friends, among whom Billy Ament, Azariah Root and George M. Jones deserve most special mention.

Frances Brown.

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