Frederick B. Artz Scholars & Their Topics

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Irina Muresanu, Assistant Professor, violin faculty, University of Maryland

In-depth study of the etude books written by French pedagogues in the 18th and 19th century and their impact on teaching modern violin technique (Oberlin Conservatory of Music Herbert K. Goodkind Collection and related materials)

Oran Kennedy, Doctoral Student, Leiden University, Netherlands

“Beacons of Freedom: Slave Refugees in the Northern States and Canada, 1800-1860.”

Joseph Yannielli, Postdoctoral Associate, Princeton University

“The Mendi Mission: Africa and the American Abolition of Slavery”


Mary Freeman, Doctoral Student, Columbia University

"Letter Writing and Politics in the Campaign Against Slavery in the United States, 1830-1870"

Joseph Ho, Doctoral Student, University of Michigan

"In Memoriam: Missionary Photography and Protestant Martyrdom in the Boxer Uprising of 1900"


John Bell, Doctoral Student, Harvard University

"A College Upon a Hill: Campuses of American Social Reform, 1830-1880"

James Lin, Doctoral Student, University of California, Berkeley

"Sowing Seeds and Knowledge: International Agricultural Development in the U.S., China, Taiwan, and the World, 1920 to 1975"


Finbarr Curtis, Instructor, Department of Religious Studies, University of Alabama

"You and You and You: Charles Grandison Finney and the Democratization Question Revisited"

Nicholas Guyatt, Lecturer, Department of History, University of York, York, UK

"Racial Equality and Programs of Racial Separation in the Republic"

Adina Langer, Independent Research, Haslett, Michigan

"History of the Oberlin Experimental College"


Cathy Rodabaugh, Adjunct Faculty, History, Hiram College

"The interconnectedness of political, religious, and reform ties in masculine relationships and political alignments on the antebellum Western Reserve"

Joseph Ho, Doctoral Student, History, University of Michigan

"Be Thou My Vision:" Oberlin Missionaries and Photographic Visuality in China Missions, 1880-1950"

Carly Woods, Lecturer, Communication Studies/Women's and Gender Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

"Creating Rhetorical Spaces: Literary and Debating Societies at Oberlin, 1835-1900"


Steve Gowler, Berea College

"The Life and Thought of William Goodell"

Hongliang Gu, East China Normal School in Shanghai; Visiting Scholar, Harvard-Yenching Institute

"Lin Hoís Confucianism and His Experiences at Oberlin and Harvard"

Art Holbrook, Art Holbrook Productions, Victoria, BC, Canada

"Gentlemen and Saints: Oberlin and the Fight to End Slavery in America"

Leah Wright, Wesleyan University

"The Loneliness of the Black Conservative: Black Republicans and the Grand Old Party"


Kabria Baumgartner, University of Massachusetts

"In Pursuit of Knowledge: African American Women and Educational Activism in Antebellum America"

Rachel Cope, Brigham Young University

"Drops of Grace and Mercy: How Women Cultivated Personal Change through Conversion Processes"

Art Holbrook, Art Holbrook Productions, Victoria, BC, Canada

"Gentlemen and Saints: Oberlin and the Fight to End Slavery in America"

Kurt Edward Kemper, Dakota State University

"Race and the Limits of Reform: The Birth of Modern College Basketball"

Carla Stephens, Temple University

"Mozambican Liberation and American Activism, 1964-1975"


Brent Morris, Cornell University

"'Be Not Conformed to This World:' Oberlin and the Anti-Slavery Movement"


Nancy Neng-Chih Chen, Southern Taiwan University

"The Educational Enterprise of Oberlin-in-China: a Case Study of Ming-Hsien, Taiku Shanxi, 1904-1939"

Rachel Cope, Syracuse University

"'In Some Places a Few Drops and Other Places a Plentiful Shower:' the Religious Impact of Revivalism on Nineteenth-Centure Women"

Diane F. Eickhoff, University of Missouri, Kansas City

"Shall Women Preach? Antebellum Feminism, Ordination, and Antoinette Brown"

Derrick R. Spires, Vanderbilt University

"Reimagining a 'Beautiful but Baneful Object': Black Writers' Theories of Citizenship and Nation in the Antebellum U.S."


Christi M. Smith, Indiana University*

"What Happened to Radical Reconstruction?"

*Ms. Smith used her funds in the summer of 2008.


Dayton Haskin, Boston College

"The First English Majors"

John H. Matsui

"If God Be For Us, Who Can Be Against Us?"

Margaret Ann Spratt

"American Women and the Search for Identity During and After World War I"


Lynne M. Getz, Appalachian State University

"An American Pioneer Family: The Wattles-Faunce-Wetherill Family and Their Commitment to Women's Education"

Jill M. Nussel, University of Toledo

"From Stew Pot to Melting Pot: An Examination of Women's Immigration Through Cookbooks, 1865-1919"

Dana E. Weiner, Northwestern University

"Racial Radicals, Principles Enacted: The Struggle Against Inequality, Prejudice, and Slavery, 1830-1861"


Carol Corbin, University College of Cape Breton

"The Taigu Mission After 1904"

Yvonne Fuentes, Louisiana State University

"Theatre of Ideas: The French Revolution in Spain"

Connie Heckert, Augustana College (free-lance writer)

"Biography of Charles Martin Hall for Children Tentative Title: Look Who's Cooking in the Woodshed! It's Charles Martin Hall"


Michael Les Benedict, The Ohio State University

"The Constitutional Politics of Reconstruction, 1869-1895"


Jonathan Benda, Syracuse University

"Politics and Language Teaching in Martial-Law Taiwan: The Cultural Rhetorics of Rhetorical Education at Tunghai University, 1955-1980"

Gregory Bond, University of Wisconsin—Madison

"Jim Crow at Play: Race, Manliness, and the Segregation of American Sports, 1876-1916"

Silvério Samuel, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Braga, Portugal

"The Political Philosophy of Eduardo Mondlane '54"

Stephen Vincent, University of Wisconsin—Whitewater

"Oberlin, the Ohio Antislavery Movement, and Educational Opportunities for Ohio's Free Black Community"


Kevin B. Sheets, State University of New York—Cortland

"Taking Notes: The Organization of Knowledge and the Life of the Mind in the Nineteenth Century Oberlin Classroom"


Timothy P. McCarthy, Harvard University

"Papers, Pamphlets, and Petitions: American Abolitionism and the culture of Dissent"

Heather A. Williams, Yale University

"Self-Taught: The Role of African Americans in Educating the Freedpeople, 1861-1871"


Nikki Brown '93, Yale University

"The Oberlinian Origins of the National Association of Colored Women"

Michael Simoncelli, The College of William and Mary

"Becoming Northern: The Clash of Regional Cultures and the Creation of a Northern Identity in Ohio, 1770-1877"


Stacey Robertson, Bradley University

"Women Abolitionists in the West: Race, Gender, and Politics"

Jonathan Zimmerman, New York University

"Storm Over the Schoolhouse: Popular Curriculum Wars in America, 1880-Present"


Doris Malkmus, University of Iowa

"Women's Higher Education in the Antebellum Midwest: Origins of Coeducation"

Kenneth Wheeler, The Ohio State University

"The Development of an American Region: The College and Reform in the Old Northwest, 1825-1860"


Clifford Putney, Emerson College

"The Gulicks: A Missionary Family, 1827-1963"


Ruth Alperson '70, New York University

"Inda Howland at Oberlin College: The Application of Dalcroze Eurhythmics to Performance"

Leslie Dunlap, Northwestern University

"Protecting the Home, Enforcing Domesticity: Women's Turn to the State in Racial and Regional Perspective, 1873-1933"

Josephine Fowler, University of Minnesota

"Postgraduate Lives of Oberlin College Women of the Progressive Era"

Douglas Slaybaugh, University of Vermont

"The Influence of their Experience at Oberlin College (Class of 1912) on Laurence Howland MacDaniels (1888-1986) and Frances Cochran MacDaniels (1891-1986)"


Amy DeRogatis '87, University of North Carolina

"Moral Geography: The Plan of Union Mission to the Western Reserve, 1801-1837"

Michael Mangin, University of California, San Diego

"Abolitionists Beware: The Politics of Racial Exclusion in Antebellum Ohio"

Scott Martin, Bowling Green State University

"Women, Gender, and Temperance in the Early National United States, 1789-1860"


Robert Abzug, University of Texas, Austin

"Rollo May: A Spiritual Odyssey"

Barbara Christen, City University of New York

"Cass Gilbert's Grand Vision of the American Campus, 1899-1915"

Li Li, University of North Carolina

"American Missionary Response to Chinese Nationalism"

Catherine Rokicky, Kent State University

"Biography of James Monroe (1821-1898)"


Detine Bowers, Purdue University

Dissertation: "A Strange Speech of an Estranged People: The Theory and Practice of Antebellum African-American Freedom Day Orations"

Mary Ann Dzuback, Washington University of St. Louis

"The Professional Construction of Knowledge: Women Scholars and the University, 1890-1940"

Kevin Grace, University of Cincinnati

"The Temperance Movement and Ohio Brewers Before Prohibition: Stance and Conflict"

Allen Guelzo, Eastern College

"Freedom of the Will: The Problem and Its People in American Thought, 1850-1950"

Laura Mitchell-Loretan, Yale University

"The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850: The Bible, Constitution, and the Individual Conscience"

Lorine Potts-Dupre, University of Maryland

"The Founding of Yale University, the University of Georgia, and Oberlin College: Case Studies of the Evolution of Lay Governance in American Colleges and Universities"


Laura Graham, University of Rochester

"The Education of the Body: The Origins of a Middle-Class Work Ethic"

Christopher Losson, University of Mississippi

"Jacob Dolson Cox: The Civil War and Reconstruction Years"

Penny Russell, University of Virginia

"‘Bound By the Ties of Race and Sex': Mary Church Terrell, the First Fifty-Seven Years (1863-1920)"

John Mark Tucker, Purdue University

"Azariah Smith Root and the American College Library, a revision of "Librarianship as a Community Service: Azariah Smith Root at Oberlin College" Ph.D. dissertation, University of Illinois


Timothy Lundy, University of South Carolina

"George Herbert Mead"

William Morison, University of Louisville

"G. Frederick Wright as Oberlin Professor"