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Oberlin's Namesake: John Frederick Oberlin

This interactive, Flash-based exhibit presents materials in the Archives and new video interviews to tell the story of Oberlin's namesake, John Frederick (Jean-Frédéric or Johann Friedrich) Oberlin.

John Brown (1800-1859)

This exhibit attempts to highlight Oberlin's relationship with John Brown. It includes images of a bust of the abolitionist, donated by Professor Emeritus Geoffrey Blodgett, a daguerreotype of three Oberlin students who helped Brown in Kansas, a letter from Oberlin student John A. Copeland, who assisted Brown in his raid on Harper's Ferry, and other items of interest.

Celebrating 175 Years of African American Heritage at Oberlin College

Featured here are photographs and documents from the collections of the Oberlin College Archives. The display provides a brief glimpse into the history of African American Heritage at Oberlin.

The Great Wooden Spoon

In 1895, Class Day exercises during commencement broke with tradition in one odd respect. Male members of the senior class selected the homeliest man among them and presented the designate with a great wooden spoon. Graduate Student Intern Chris Juhasz researched the history behind this odd treasure.

1940 Oberlin College Mock Convention

During commencement week 2006 (May 22-May 29) the Oberlin College Archives displayed an exhibit of materials relating to the 1940 Oberlin College Mock Convention, May 10-11, 1940. The exhibit, along with a formal presentation on Saturday, May 27, coincided with the reunion of the classes of 1940, 1941, and 1942.

Gilford Scientific Instruments

Bayer Diagnostics Corporation, formed from the evolution of Gilford Instrument Laboratories, Ciba Corning Diagnostics and Chiron Diagnostics, located in Oberlin, Ohio, was a leading manufacturer of analytical laboratory equipment for both the medical and the scientific communities. Featured in this exhibit, compiled by KSU Graduate Intern Erica Noble, is a Gilford Automatic Dispenser, which is still in use today.