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RG 2 - Presidents of Oberlin College

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The following is a list of Presidential Papers (RG 2) held by the Oberlin College Archives. Please contact the College Archives for information relating to the collections that do not have an online link to a finding guide.

Portrait Tenure Name & Classification No.
  1834 Henry Brown, acting president
  1834-1835 John Keep, acting president
Asa Mahan 1835-1850 Asa Mahan (RG 2/1)
  1849 Charles Grandison Finney, acting president (also President 1851-66)
  1850 John Morgan, acting president, (also 1859)
Charles Grandison Finney 1851-1866 Charles Grandison Finney (RG 2/2)
(also acting President, 1849)
  1859 John Morgan, acting president, (also in 1850)
James Harris Fairchild 1866-1889 James Harris Fairchild (RG 2/3)
(also acting President, 1896-98)
  1871 Frances Drake Parish, acting president
  1871 John Millott Ellis, acting president
  1889-1891 Henry Martyn Tenney, acting president (also 1909-10)
William Gay Ballantine 1891-1896 William Gay Ballantine (RG 2/4)
  1896-1898 James Harris Fairchild, acting president (also President 1866-89)
John Henry Barrows 1899-1902 John Henry Barrows (RG 2/5)
(died in office)
  1902 John Guiteau Welch Cowles, acting president
Henry Churchill King 1902-1927 Henry Churchill King (RG 2/6)
  1909-1910 Henry Martyn Tenney, acting president
  1918-1919 Edward Increase Bosworth, acting president
Ernest Hatch Wilkins 1927-1946 Ernest Hatch Wilkins (RG 2/7)
William Edwards Stevenson 1946-1960 William Edwards Stevenson (RG 2/8)
  12/1952-3/1953 William Blair Stewart, acting president
  6/1959-9/1959 Donald Melbourne Love, acting president
Robert Kenneth Carr 1960-1969 Robert Kenneth Carr (RG 2/9)
  1969-1970 Ellsworth Clayton Carlson, acting president (also 1974-75)
Robert Works Fuller 1970-1974 Robert Works Fuller (RG 2/10)
  1974-1975 Ellsworth Clayton Carlson, acting president (also 1969-70)
Emil Charles Danenberg 4/1975-1/1982 Emil Charles Danenberg (RG 2/11)
(died in office)
  9/1981-7/1983 James Lawrence Powell, acting president
Stephen Frederick Starr 7/1983-6/1994 Stephen Frederick Starr (RG 2/12)
  7/1991-2/1992 Alfred F. MacKay, acting president
  7/1994-6/2007 Nancy Schrom Dye (RG 2/13)
  7/2000-12/2000 Clayton R. Koppes, acting president
  7/2007- Marvin Krislov