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Motion Pictures and Tape Recordings (Group 37)
[80] Motion Pictures, Tape Recordings, and Video Recordings, 1928-1995, 34 l.f.

Historical Note

This record group contains films of various reel sizes produced by Oberlin College, made both for promotional use and historical record. Tape and video recordings are also included.

Scope and Content

Approximately ten films, 1927-1957, deal with subjects that can be specifically linked to architectural history. Within these ten films are views and details of buildings that can be divided into three main subjects: structures that are no longer standing, dormitories and housing, and present college buildings. From the first category are scenes of the old Chemistry Laboratory, and Second Congregational Church, Spear Library-Laboratory, Warner Conservatory, the Zoology Laboratory. Dormitories and housing depictions include: Burton, Dascomb, Elmwood House, Fairchild, the Goodrich House, Harkness, the Men’s dormitory complex, and unnamed private boarding houses. Present college and community buildings include Allen Memorial Art Museum, Allen Memorial Hospital, Bosworth Hall, Carnegie Library, Cox Administration Building, Crane Pool, Finney Chapel, First Church, Hall Auditorium, the Memorial Arch, Peters Hall, Severance Chemical Laboratory, Westervelt Hall, and Wright Physics Laboratory.

In the video tape collection, three productions document Oberlin’s architectural history. Their titles are “The Dedication of the William A. Moffett Auditorium” (May 6, 1995); “How Buildings Tell the Story” by Geoffrey Blodgett (October 8, 1995), and “The Oberlin Experience” (1993?). The latter video is a production of the Office of Conference Services.

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