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Architectural Records (Group 53)
[83] Architectural Records, 1900-1992, 140 items

Historical Note

Architectural records are placed in this artificial group of miscellaneous drawings and renderings when oversized items are received by the College Archives outside of official transfers, or when they fall outside deeds of gifts for personal papers.

Scope and Content

Blueprints, sketches, and other oversized renderings of Oberlin buildings, landscape, and utilities are stored in 50 drawers of flat file cases. The architectural record cases contain several drawings that are not associated with any other record groups held at the Oberlin College Archives. These renderings include 61 pages of blueprints, n.d., by Howard, Needles, Tammen, and Bergendorff for the Air Route Traffic Control Center; 31 pages, 1969, of the apartments on College and S. Park Sts. by Kleeva J. Kekst; sketches for the Oberlin Bandstand Competition, ca. 1985; an improvement site map and blueprints, 1950, for the College Park Addition by T.W. Laundon; blueprints, 1991, for the Gasholder House by Stanley Mathews; and 11 pages of blueprints, 1969, of the General Telephone Company building. Also included are 20 pages of blueprints, 1971, of the Gilford Instruments Laboratory by Damon, Worley, Cady, and Kirk; blueprints, 1912, of the Johnston Park Playground by Andrew Auten; blueprints of the Village of Oberlin gas mains for the Oberlin Gas and Electric Company; 2 pages of blueprints and a sketch, n.d., of the Oberlin Stand Pipe tower built in 1893 for the Variety Iron Works Company; and finally, a sketch, 1960, of the water treatment and distribution systems for the Water Treatment Plant.

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