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Oberlin History Bibliography

A Partial Listing of Published Titles Bearing on the History of the College and Community Covering the Period 1833 to 1992

Prepared by Roland M. Baumann

Oberlin College Archives
April 1992


Note: Users may also wish to consult our Previously Featured Articles, for articles which may not be listed in this bibliography.


Oberlin College ("Collegiate Institute" before 1850) has a rich history and, as a consequence, it is the subject for a great deal of historical writing. Although this bibliographical research tool makes no claim to include every book and article containing reference to Oberlin College, readers will find the core literature on the history of Oberlin reported here. Readers may also want to consult the index (name and subject) to the Oberlin Alumni Magazine, which is presently maintained by the Department of Special Collections.

Entries selected for this bibliography were compiled by the first archivist, William E. Bigglestone, between 1974 and 1985, and by the second archivist, Roland M. Baumann, between 1987 and 1992. According to Bigglestone, the bibliography on the history of Oberlin was initiated in 1974 "in order to help researchers and save...[staff] time." During the last five years of compilation, the concept of selection remained largely the same, even though one-third of the entries were added during that time. In preparation for publication, however, the bibliography was altered in two important ways to make it more useful. First, categories were established to organize the entries. Second, a name and subject index was added to improve researchers' access to parts of that history.

The compiler wishes to offer grateful acknowledgement to William E. Bigglestone for his large role in developing the initial list of bibliographical titles; to departmental assistants Maretta "Peg" Van Ausdale, Christine Monroe, Anne Pearson, and Patricia Delewski for entering the titles in the word processor; to Patricia Delewski for typing the final manuscript; to Mary Cowles for proofreading the entries; and to Anne C. Paine, publications editor of Oberlin College, and to D. Mark Gabel, graphic designer at Oberlin College, for providing assistance in preparing the manuscript and mechanicals for the printer.

Finally, special thanks to the friends of Gertrude F. Jacob, who made possible the endowment fund bearing her name that provided the funds to publish this bibliography.

Roland M. Baumann
Archivist and Adjunct Professor of History
Oberlin College
March 18, 1992

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