Art Exhibitions

Regarding Realism

John N. Stern Gallery

Fall–Spring 2013–14

In its various forms, Realism comprises an attempt to find an aesthetic that is true to life. Beginning with artists from mid-19th-century France—where the Realist movement first achieved cohesion—then expanding to areas such as the Hague and 20th-century rural and urban America, Regarding Realism explores various approaches taken by artists who shared a common goal of faithfully depicting the ambient world. The many techniques, subjects, and practices used by the artists reflect not only the complexity of contemporary life, but also the enormity of their artistic project.

Courbet 1958.47

Gustave Courbet (French, 1819-1877)
Castle of Chillon, Evening, 1872
oil on canvas
R.T. Miller Jr. Fund, 1958.47