Gig Referral Service: Student Info


The Gig Referral Service aims to provide Oberlin Conservatory students with freelance performance opportunities, as well as a chance to help students develop professional and career skills. The Gig Referral Service facilitates the hiring of talented student musicians by allowing clients to post information about performance opportunities through the office. These performance opportunities can be one-time events or recurring performances. It is necessary that students uphold the highest in professional and performance standards as they are representing the Conservatory. The service also aims to provide community members with quality musicians at a competitive cost.

Typical gig opportunities arranged through the office include weddings or receptions, corporate functions, and “atmosphere” entertainment. Recurring gigs are gigs that occur every week, month or other irregular period of time. The Gig Referral Service does not post full time job openings or coordinate private lessons.

Gigs, as defined by the Gig Referral Service, are paid and non-paid performance opportunities for registered Oberlin Conservatory students who have been referred to the Gig Service through a recommendation from their teacher and/or coach. The performance is viewed as a service to “clients” that can be purchased at a rate designated by the performer. Gigs are often referred to as freelance opportunities, one-time jobs, as well as professional engagements.

On occasion, students will accept gigs at no fee for local and community events. Student are doing a service to the community and themselves by accepting occasional volunteer gigs because students may increase the likelihood of other paid opportunities by participating in the occasional unpaid performance.

PLEASE NOTE: The Gig Referral Service is temporarily suspended as we update our referral system. We expect to be back online in late October. We apologize for the inconvenience.